After GoFundMe Bans Kyle Rittenhouse Campaign, Christian Crowdfunding Site Raises Nearly $300,000

kyle rittenhouse

Christian Crowdfunding Site, GiveSendGo, Raises Nearly $300,000

kyle rittenhouse

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“I have just spoken with Kyle’s mother, Wendy, and Kyle’s attorney, John, to whom I was connected by Lin Wood, who has also joined the legal team,” reads a statement published to the fundraiser page. “Wendy has instructed me to transfer the money from GiveSendGo’s holding account to the #FightBack Foundation, set up by Lin Wood. All of the money donated through both their website, and this effort, will go to Kyle’s defense, as it is likely to be an expensive and protracted affair.”

The statement adds that “Kyle is reportedly in good spirits, and I’m told that the incredible support shown by you good people is what’s keeping him going,” and that he “now faces the wrath of those who would see us stripped of our God-given rights and reduced to servitude.”

GiveSendGo also notes that all links to their website have now been banned from prominent social media sites. “GiveSendGo has had their links banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” an updated statement explains. “They may try to censor us and deprive us of the ability to help people, but that’s the thing about light; it always gets in.”

On its About page, the founders of GiveSendGo explain that they created the Christian crowdfunding platform because “We wanted a site that crowds of Christians could could come together and support other Christians in their endeavors. We believe that when we live the life God wants us to – we will be living to share the hope we have found.”

“We also realize that sometimes in order for people to see the hope of Jesus, we need to meet their physical needs first,” it adds.

GoFundMe previously banned a fundraiser set up for the Rittenhouse family, later claiming that it violated the website’s rules. Specifically, GoFundMe seems to claim Rittenhouse was engaged in a hate crime before being arrested, which violates their rules.

National File reported on the original ban:

A GoFundMe page raising legal defense funds for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who video suggests shot two men in self defense Tuesday during the Kenosha riots but has been charged with first-degree murder, has been removed from the site within minutes of going live.

Users who wanted to donate to the page were greeted by a message that read “We’re sorry, but that campaign cannot be found.”

Rittenhouse’s lawyer recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and laid out what he believes is a “100% self defense” case for the 17-year-old’s innocence.

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