Andrew Schulz Shames Zuckerberg-“Learn to blink you autistic human toilet swirly.”

Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz puts Zuckerberg to shame in his viral video about facebook censorship

After Facebook took down one of his most viewed video monologues, Andrew Schulz takes down Zuckerberg in yet another of his hilarious monologues

Facebook and Instagram, both owned by this b** cocky face billionaire took down our Maxwell and Epstein piece after it reached over two and a half million views.

said Andrew Schulz
FB pulled the post down faster than a training bra on Little Saint James Click To Tweet

“Facebook the platform that allows ads that say death to America claimed our piece was bullying. That wasn’t bullying. That was stating the facts in a funny way. This is bullying. said Andrew Schulz

Zuckerberg learn to blink, you autistic human toilet swirly. How is your hair less groomed than Geraldo's hog? You've got the charisma of a carton of milk or as Epstein would call it tinder. See the difference? Click To Tweet -Andrew Schulz

“At least Facebook gave us a notification and a reason. Instagram just made the post vanish like the footage of Epstein’s cell. This may be hard to believe but I’ve had my fair share of posts removed and every single time I get a notification.” said Schulz. “Never (on Instagram) has a post just disappeared ! We reached out and a Facebook representative got back to us and seemed cooperative. But the second she saw which post was removed she ghosted us like her boss’s face. Still no response to this day. “

The crazy thing is everything we said in that video was 100 percent verified. We didn’t speculate on any crazy conspiracy theories or unfounded rumors, facts only.

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