BLM Activists Extort and Vandalize Cuban Restaurant For Not Paying Up

Protest BLM activits

BLM Activists are demanding money and vandalizing businesses that wont comply

In Louisville Black Lives Matter members are demanding cash payments to approved non profits, diversity training and hiring, and they demand the list of demands be placed in the storefront window.

When a local business owner refused, BLM Leftists showed up and vandalized his store. Click To Tweet

Democrats have been ignoring these kind of mafia tactics, rioting, and insanity. The double standard cannot continue and these people need to be held accountable. What do you think will happen after we defund the police or abolish the police? These people will take over

Tim Pool
BLM activists countered by Cubans

More than 100 members of Louisville’s Cuban community gathered at La Bodeguita de Mima, 735 E. Market St., Sunday to rally in support of the immigrant-owned restaurant, decrying the violent “mafia tactics” used to force immigrants to bend the knee.

The rally came after a controversial letter from Black Lives Matter protesters laid out demands that aim to improve diversity in NuLu, which is known for its locally owned shops and restaurants. 

Fernando Martinez, a partner of the Olé Restaurant Group, publicly denounced the letter’s demands on Facebook, calling them “mafia tactics” used to intimidate business owners. On Thursday, a small group of protesters gathered outside his restaurant, La Bodeguita de Mima, in protest. 

For about 10 minutes on Sunday, Martinez gave a passionate speech to the crowd with his mother and relatives standing alongside him.

“La Bodeguita is open to everybody,” Martinez said. “If you’re gay, this is your home. If you’re Black, this is your home. If you’re white, this is your home. If you’re human, this is your home.” 

He also condemned the criticism his business had received over diversity concerns. 

"How can I be called a bigot and a racist when my family is Black? When my son is gay?" Click To Tweet

he asked. “I’m the proud father of a gay son, and I’m gonna fight for him against anybody.” 

Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez, center, spoke during a rally in support of the Cuban community at the La Bodeguita restaurant in the NuLu district on Aug. 2, 2020. Martinez is the owner of the restaurant and he wanted to emphasize that everyone is welcome to the establishment – Sam Upshaw Jr./Courier Journal

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BLM Leftists Are Extorting Small Businesses, Vandalize Cuban Man’s Restaurant For Not Paying Up
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