BLM Sues to Stop Trump from Sending troops to Help Chicago Mayor

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The Black Lives Matter movement filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday to prevent President Donald Trump from sending 200 federal law enforcement officials to help Mayor Lori Lightfoot fight surging crime in the city.

On Monday, the department released surveillance video that showed Black Lives Matter demonstrators smuggling weapons and projectiles into Grant Park. While “peaceful” protesters shielded militant activists from view, they hid behind protest banners and donned black clothing. They also distributed frozen water bottles and sharpened PVC pipes into spears

Mayor Lightfoot accepted the president’s offer of help on Wednesday evening on the express condition that federal officials not be involved in patrolling local protests — which have devolved into riots that are drawing local police away from regular patrols.

Earlier this week, Lightfoot compared federal law enforcement officials to terrorists and urged citizens to call 911 if they saw federal officials doing anything that seemed untoward. She seems to have softened her tone — but only somewhat.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News on Thursday morning that Lightfoot should “admit” that she needs the help. Violent crime in Chicago’s African American community has been a problem for years — one that local residents begged President Barack Obama to do something about, but which he neglected during his two terms.

Lightfoot, according to Newsmax, “has accepted additional FBI, DEA, and ATF agents to come to her city to augment and assist local police efforts to control the violence, but the ‘critical difference’ is that the agents will be managed by ‘the U.S. Attorney here in Chicago who I know and trust.’” Lightfoot is herself a former federal prosecutor.

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