Both parties want Ghislaine freed


Democrats and Clintons need Ghislaine freed.

After FB took down one of his most viewed video monologues, Andrew Schulz decided to speculate and does a good job at it. Read the transcript below and decide for yourselves !

Let’s assume Ghislaine has dirt on everyone. Trump, Clintons, Democrat and Republican elites, everyone. Now whoever wins the election has the power to pardon Ghislaine and thus protect themselves. Trump is wishing her well because he wants to send a message that he’s willing to look after her as long as she looks after him and the liberal elites have been dead silent about Ghislaine. Why? because they also need to stay on her good side. So essentially this election has the highest stakes. Everyone involved is fighting for their lives.

Trump wins, he pardons Ghislaine, she outs the Clintons and they’re cronies. Biden wins and the team of puppeteers animating his course pardon Ghislaine and they have trump and his cronies.

Andrew Schulz

So we have two political parties not only fighting for control of the Whitehouse, they're fighting for control of Ghislaine. But who knows that's just my fun conspiracy Click To TweetAndrew Schulz

“It’s tough to say how this all ends. But I truly think it’s a pivotal point in American politics and that’s why I’m concerned that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are actively trying to censor factual information regarding the case. If the stakes for the election are this high we can’t afford to have the truth censored if we want to participate in a fair and just democratic process.” – said Schulz

“We must all have access to the same information no matter how painful or unsettling it may be and I really hope Trump was being sarcastic when he wished Ghislaine well and I also really hope Facebook removed our videos as a clerical error and maybe this time next year we will have the answers but only if Ghislaine hangs around “

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