BLM & Antifa “Activists” Invade Hugo, To Spread Hate And Intimidate Family and Neighbors of Bob Kroll, President of the Minneapolis Police Union.


“Burn Hugo Down”: BLM & Antifa “Activists” Brazenly Invade Small Minnesota Town in Broad Daylight

Dozens of Black Lives Matter “activists” invaded the Twin Cities suburb of Hugo, Minnesota on Saturday afternoon. The “protest” was meant to intimidate the family and neighbors of Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis police union.

One leader of the demonstration was Democratic politician John Thompson, who recently won the primary for a safely Democratic seat in the Minnesota House. Thompson shrieked obscenities at community members, declaring that the “f***ing Grand Wizard [of the Ku Klux Klan]” lived in the town:

At another point in his tirade, Thompson threatened the locals, screaming “You think we give a fuck about burning Hugo down?” and “I didn’t come here to be peaceful.” He also said that “blue lives [i.e. police] don’t mean shit to black people.”

The century-old Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore and its neighbor, Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstore, were burned down in riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 30, Forbes magazine reported.

Thompson was recently endorsed by Minnesota governor Tim Walz, who said “His fierce advocacy and commitment to his community is exactly what’s needed in the state legislature right now.”

Thompson’s behavior would seem to run afoul of Minnesota’s law against disturbing the peace, which among other things prohibits “Inciting violence by using offensive language in public or by shouting.”

The Antifa organization Unicorn Riot, which previously livestreamed (and celebrated) the destruction of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, was on hand to livestream the event.

Unicorn Riot, arguably a domestic terrorist media publication, previously participated in the burning and looting of the third precinct police headquarters in Minneapolis. The third precinct building was burned down to the ground.

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The pinatas of Kroll and his wife, a television reporter, were violently smashed to pieces in front of Kroll’s house, sending a clear message of what the crowd would like to do to the inhabitants.

This is what happens when politicians, some weak and some malicious, do not enforce the law. In some cases, crooked police chiefs and mayors order the police to stand down and no one gets arrested. In other cases, crooked prosecutors, many funded by George Soros, simply drop charges against rioters, looters, and Antifa domestic terrorists.

Of course, law-abiding citizens, like the McCloskeys in St. Louis, are arrested and prosecuted if they so much as jay-walk across the street. This is a phenomenon called anarcho-tyranny.

To their credit, the citizens of Hugo weren’t exactly going to take this lying down. They stood tall and strong against the mob. If you stand up to the bullies, they usually don’t stand a chance.

Have BLM Protests gone too far?
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