“Call the Police” Trends on Twitter After BLM Rioters Beg For Help From Cops

call the police

“Call the police” began trending on Twitter after BLM rioters in Kenosha made the plea following a shooting, a massive irony given that Black Lives Matter’s goal is to defund and abolish the police.

Several people were shot last night, including one fatally, as the riots continued to spiral out of control.

One of the shootings happened after rioters attempted to burn down another car dealership and were met by an armed citizen trying to defend the property.

call the police

One clip shows a man who has been shot in the head being helped by another individual who screams for someone to “call the police.”

Entrepreneur Michael Coudrey pointed out that the rioters were begging for help from the police a day after they tried to burn down local police precincts.

The shootings also occurred after Gov. Tony Evers refused help from the Trump administration despite law enforcement requesting back up to keep the peace.

Twitter respondents offered little sympathy for those shot given the terror and destruction that Black Lives Matter supporters have inflicted on American cities and those trying to defend their property and businesses over the last three months.

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