DHS Recycles 14,500 H-1B Visas for Fortune 500 Employers

H-1B Visas

The Department of Homeland Security is recycling 14,500 unused H-1B visas to employers after worried companies declined to accept the work visas they had won in the annual lottery.

The redistributed visas will be used to import foreign workers to fill the Fortune 500 jobs that will appear when the economy recovers, said Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech Workers, a group of white-collar professionals who oppose the Fortune 500’s visa workers programs that damage their careers.

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Those jobs are needed by the hundreds of thousands of skilled young Americans who are graduating this year and by the hundreds of thousands of American professionals who have lost their jobs in the coronavirus crash, he said, adding:

Our immigration system is on autopilot. It is not flexible, it does not make allowances for how the economy is doing, what the true labor needs are to make sure immigration is working for American employees … We need employment-visa reform that doesn’t allow for Americans to be displaced.

In April of each year, companies enter an annual lottery for 85,000 H-1B visas. The lottery allows new H-1B workers to arrive each October, so joining a growing population of at least 600,000 resident H-1B workers, many of whom are working as powerless gig-workers for subcontractors in Fortune 500 companies. Non-profits — including hospitals, research centers, and universities — can import as many H-1Bs as they wish.

In an August 14 statement to Breitbart News, the DHS’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services bureau declined to say how many H-1B visas are being recycled from companies that no longer want the visas they won in the Spring:

Recently, USCIS determined that additional registrations needed to be selected to reach the numerical allocations. A selection of previously submitted electronic registrations was completed on Aug. 11. The petition filing period based on registrations selected on Aug. 11 will begin on Aug. 17 and close on Nov. 16.

Companies can apply for the visas under “existing statutory and regulatory requirements,” the USCIS statement said.

The unused visas are being reallocated 81 days before the election, and two days after the Department of State gutted President Donald Trump’s June 22 Executive Order barring the entry of H-1B visa workers until at least January.

The news was cheered by the immigration lawyers who bring in the white-collar workers for the Fortune 500 companies:

The recycled visas will be used by CEOs to replace innovative Americans with imported and compliant foreign workers, said Lynn. CEOs “want to build a serf economy — where workers work for less and accept worse conditions,” usually in the hope of getting a green card from the government, he said.

The new welcome for H-1B and other visa workers is an apparent reversal from policies Trump announced in June and early August –and from the promises that candidate Trump made in 2016.

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