DOJ Deliberately Resists Sending in FBI Agents, Pressing Charges as Portland Burns

DOJ-Attorney General Barr testifies

Earlier today, Attorney General Barr finally gave his long-awaited testimony to Congress on the dire state of affairs in American cities, and his plans to address the communist-aligned Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, burning, and looting.

After two entire months of the Democratic party’s paramilitary forces laying siege to American cities, there remains one major elephant in the room that has gone largely unmentioned by Republicans; the DOJ’s seeming reluctance to arrest the rioters and bring them to justice, and their deliberate resistance to placing an active FBI presence in these war-torn cities.

REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: One White House source and one DOJ source have independently confirmed that the DOJ is deliberately resisting putting an active FBI presence in riot torn Portland and Seattle.

While AG Barr is generally good and much of his testimony was strong, internal resistance at the DOJ threatens the entire mission to restore law and order to Portland and Seattle.

Quite simply, no matter how many heroic Border Patrol and DHS Troops Chad Wolf is able to send into the mayhem to protect the cities, the riots will not stop until the DOJ is prepared to throw serious criminal charges at the violent actors involved.

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