Donald Trump Announces His Real Opponent; The Corrupt Media

Corrupt Media
Corrupt Media

Donald Trump: ‘My Biggest Opponent’ Is ‘Corrupt Media,’ Not Joe Biden

President Donald Trump said during a Fox & Friends phone interview on Monday morning that the media remain his biggest opponent in the 2020 election, not former Vice President Joe Biden.

“My biggest opponent isn’t Biden. It’s not the Democrats. It’s the corrupt media,” Trump said. “We have a corrupt media in this country.”

During the interview, the president spoke about the media and recalled his daily press conferences with White House reporters.

“I keep saying to my people here I am getting bombs thrown at me every day by people that are totally, frankly, dishonest reporters. … They’re espousing the views of the radical left,” he said.

Trump credited his daily press conferences for helping boost his polls and said that biased reporters “make our people angrier.”

“I have these people, there’s fire out of their eyes coming. They’re asking me questions, and I see the fire is burning in their eyes, and I’m looking at some of them. I said, ‘Boy, how can you have so much hatred?’” he said.

Corrupt Media

Trump also said that Biden continues to hide in his basement to avoid the media.

“He doesn’t come out because he can’t. He doesn’t take any questions from reporters. … This guy doesn’t come out of his basement and hasn’t taken one question,” Trump said.


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