Facebook bans Andrew Schultz’s video on Ghislaine Maxwell


In the wake of unsealing of Ghislaine Maxwell Documents something very suspicious happened over the last week. Andrew Schultz’s viral monologues of Jeffrey Epstein and of Ghislaine Maxwell was taken down from Facebook and Instagram for “bullying and harassment.”

Facebook has provided no explanation as to why this was taken down. The video that is still available on YouTube has over 1 million views on the platform.

“Somebody riddle me this.. how do you bully and harass somebody who is an alleged pedophile (and) rapist for decades. That’s what I want to know. How is this to be seen as anything other than a cover-up for one of the most horrific people who might have ever lived.”

“we’ve actually sort of praised Facebook here for having a lighter touch in terms of censorship than say twitter that has gone the other direction. So all the things that they let slide and this is the one that you take down? It does not make any sense whatsoever who is claiming bullying and harassment here. I think that Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers and many high powerful people who work for her are out there filing bullying and harassment claims against me, like you, like Andrew Schultzand.”

Saagar on The Hill | Krystal and Saagar

Below is the video that was banned by Facebook and still available on YouTube. Watch it before YouTube takes it down as well !

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