Cops pepper spray man for not wearing a mask

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A man is arrested after refusing to wear a mask in a Montreal’s Coffee Shop. Tim Hortons a Canadian coffee shop goes viral yet again. About two months ago a man was fined 292 $ for having his muffin in his own car at Tim Horton’s parking lot.

“his presence might attract teenagers to loiter in the same parking lot” – The cop who wrote the ticket told !

Rebelnews reported on this in May. Below is the video that shows the recorded incident.

In a more recent incident Tim Hortons is back in news this time for a viral video showing two cops pepper spraying an individual ordering coffee while not wearing face mask. Apparently the individual refused to wear mask when asked by the employee when police were called.

Police intervened and ended up pepper spraying the individual in the face at point blank range and arrested him. The video published to Facebook was taken down. But versions of it are available on other media sites. Below is the video from Viva Frei explaining the incident in all its absurdity.

“Do your thing, I’m going to do mine…I have the right to order without a face mask” – said the individual

As both the cops were physically manhandling the individual, his girlfriend who was recording the incident was heard saying “Don’t you find this a little excessive? Isn’t this a little exaggerated for a simple mask? Wake up People, look where we are going !”

The most astonishing and shocking part of this whole ordeal is, the third cop who came to help overpower the civilian was not wearing a mask himself ! Click To Tweet

While many are concerned about excessive force from the police state, several others advised that the situation might have not escalated if the man simply complied to the employee’s request. But the law is ambiguous in that it exempts persons with pre existing medical conditions if the mask poses a threat to their health and people eating and drinking while in any room (restaurant, bar, etc) that serves food or drink. So the question still remains.

Did the police over react over a transient and rather ambiguous law that they themselves do not completely understand yet ?

We believe so, and you have the right to disagree at !

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