3 Journalists Charged With Felony Riot And Interfering With A Peace Officer

Journalists arrested

Journalists tried to identify police by name

The Portland police arrested three journalists who were covering protests in North Portland on Tuesday night.

Journalists Cory Elia and Lesley McLam are both volunteer reporters and podcast hosts at KBOO. Justin Yau is a freelance journalist and journalism student who has covered protests in Hong Kong, with work appearing in Reuters, Daily Mail, and Spectee, a Tokyo based news agency.

Elia was charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer – a felony – two counts of interfering with a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct – all misdemeanors. He was released on bail Wednesday morning.

In video captured by Elia before his arrest, he walks past an officer and comments after he identified the officer by name on camera. That officer is seen swinging at Elia and knocking his phone out of his hands.

A few minutes later, Elia was standing in front of a line of police filming when he again said he recognized an officer from previous protests. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has previously stated that “violent anarchists,” have previously released personal and private information about federal agents on multiple occasions.

After exposing the identity of the police officer, Elia said “I guess that pissed him off. He instantly went for me." Click To Tweet

“I was filming a lady in front of the police skirmish line being arrested,” Yau said. “They had charged forward and I was attempting to film the arrest while moving back according to PPB instructions.”

Yau was charged with felony riot and interfering with a peace officer, a misdemeanor. Click To Tweet

Reporters more interested in identifying police

PPB said rocks and cans were also thrown. Reporters however seems to be more interested in identifying the officers by names than investigating this claim

Portland police are holding Yau’s and Elia’s phones and cameras as evidence until a detective can clear it for release.

Nathan Howard shares concern over “our democracy.. ” by sharing a post from Alex Milan who said “..no reason was given for the arrest.”

A spokesperson for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office said they had rejected McLam’s case for criminal prosecution after reviewing the available police reports. In a statement, the DA’s office said it had not taken legal action against Elia or Yau and was still collecting evidence.

“I continue to be disturbed that journalists and independent reporters are being targeted,” Kotek wrote. “These actions undermine our democracy.” Click To Tweet

In a response, Wheeler said he appreciated Kotek’s input.

“We look forward to providing her a briefing so that she has the benefit of the same information our team – the Sheriff, County Chair, Chief, Mayor, District Attorney, and District Attorney-elect – is operating with.” Wheeler wrote.

In further disturbing news, the CS gas wafted through the neighborhood, and into the car of at least one innocent bystander who began choking and hyperventilating.

Leslie McLam, a reporter for KBOO, was also arrested as well as another independent journalist who tweets under the name Portland Independent Documentarians. Needless to say, the Portland Police, who has already seen significant cuts to their funding and yet are still intent on using overwhelming, unnecessary force against citizens, will have many questions to answer this morning.

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