Portland Police Submit Details of Violence and Damage From more than 100 Fires

Portland Riots

Portland police and Multnomah County sheriff’s deputies have filed court documents that give a day-by-day accounting of their protest response over the last six weeks, including dozens of videos that show violence downtown, photos of broken windows to courthouses and businesses and a list of more than 100 fires set.

They estimated repair costs to public buildings approaching $300,000 so far and $4.8 million in property damage to businesses. – Oreganlive.com Click To Tweet

The inventory was among more than 100 pages submitted to U.S. District Court by the city and county to answer a lawsuit filed by Don’t Shoot Portland. The nonprofit group seeks to further bar use of tear gas, pepper spray, foam-tipped rounds and other less-lethal weapons as crowd control measures at protests.

“This case is not about the thousands of people peacefully protesting,” Deputy City Attorney Naomi Sheffield wrote. “It is also not about hateful words or anti-police protests. The City and PPB support protestors’ expression, regardless of content. This case is about the ability of PPB to respond to a nightly deluge of dangerous objects thrown and launched at them and at occupied buildings, nightly fires, and widespread criminal activity.”

Portland riots
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U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez on June 9 issued a temporary restraining order restricting Portland police from using tear gas except if lives or public safety are at risk. He amended the order on June 26, adding less-lethal weapons to the restrictions and outright banning the use of an ear-splitting warning signal.

Don’t Shoot Portland has asked the judge to sanction the city for allegedly violating his orders and extend the restrictions by granting a preliminary injunction. A hearing is set for next Thursday and Friday.

“Portland Police have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to utilize these riot control munitions without court intervention,” wrote the group’s attorney, Juan Chavez. Click To Tweet

After reviewing some of the city’s and county’s filings, Chavez said Tuesday, “The city spent a lot of time highlighting the criminal behavior. They could have charged people responsible but haven’t and instead have used a lot of force against peaceful protesters in the crowd. I think they’ve made our point for us.”

Police have arrested more than 200 people in the protests since late May, court records show.

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