Portland Deputy Police About Violent Protests: ‘They’re not under our control’

Trump says Portland Police incapable

Portland Police Chief Testifies About protests, ‘They’re not under our control’

“I don’t have the legal authority to prevent them from taking action,” deputy Portland Police Chief Chris Davis said of the federal officers.

Portland Police
Federal officers stand next to Portland police during a July 4 protest-MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLAND

SALEM, Ore. — Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell was scheduled to appear in front of Oregon lawmakers last week to discuss his police force’s use of force during the weeks-long protests unfolding in downtown Portland.

However, Chief Lovell was pulled away from that meeting instead to discuss the presence of federal officers on downtown streets, alongside Mayor Ted Wheeler.

In his place, Deputy Portland Police Chief Chris Davis took the stand.

“I can tell you in all of my experience I have never seen anything like what we have seen on the streets of Portland in the last six weeks,” Deputy Chief Chris Davis said.

When he was asked about the federal officers who have been sent from the Department of Homeland Security, Davis said the PPB doesn’t have authority over them.

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They’re not under our control. My preference would be to not have them outside their buildings unless it’s a life/safety kind of an issue, and I would prefer to police the outside of their buildings and all of the others downtown with local and state resources,” Davis said.

“The problem right now is our resources are stretched so thin. If the federal authorities believe [protesters] have a certain threat to their facilities, when they get to the point when they decide they’re going to take action, I don’t have the legal authority to prevent them from taking action. I would just like to make it unnecessary by having enough resources down there for us to just deal with everything outside the buildings by our standards.”

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