Redpill Coins Their 1st Term, TriggerBooger, To Best Define the Triggered Left


TriggerBooger is the new definition coined by a Redpill Contributor do define the Left who gets Triggered over nothing ! There you ga. That’s the second time you head that word. Let’s make it popular.

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Here is the Origin of this word !


The word #TriggerBooger Appears for the first time on Twitter. This picture is taken on 08-04-20; 12:09 EST, Just in case if the Triggered Lefty deletes it in Shame.

What is TriggerBooger?

TriggerBooger is for Triggered Left
Could eating boogers build up your immune system?
People who cannot engage in any argument without personally attacking the other person are called TriggerBoogers Click To Tweet

Image Source: Thank You !

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