Reserve Bank of Kailasa and its new currency to be launched on 22 Aug 2020 – Nityananda


Nityananda announced Reserve Bank of Kailasa to be released on Ganesha Chaturdi

The announcement was made a couple of days ago. The Reserve Bank of Kailasa and its new currency to be announced on Ganesh Chaturthi on 22 Aug 2020. The design of the Bank will be based on Vatican Bank.

Some details on the proposed bank and its currency are here:

Reserve bank of Kailasa
Hindu Investment & Reserve Bank
  • An investment vehicle to centralize Hindu devotee cash flow. This fund will attract investment from the entire Hindu community, one of the wealthiest communities in the world
  • This fund will strengthen the community by investing in things that matter to the community, in purely non-violent businesses that follow the principles of the Agamas
  • It will lend money to the members of the community for them to invest in non-violent businesses
  • The ownership of the bank will be decentralized so there is trust and ownership
  • The fund will be so attractive that anyone in the world will be eager to invest in it

At a more ambitious scale, our aim is to create a Hindu Reserve Bank which creates its own supply of money which is not contaminated by fiat currency. Imagine that this currency is the only one accepted in the Paramashiva economy – to participate in the Dharmic economy, one that is aligned with the cosmic laws, one that will give them enormous spiritual rewards and multiple returns on investment, people have to use this currency. An ideal way to create such a currency is through cryptocurrency.

Self-proclaimed godman Swami Nityananda, who has escaped from the country to set up a Hindu nation – Kailasa – in Ecuador, will be brought back to initiate legal action on pending cases and allegations.


Union home ministry, after getting letters from the woman, who was allegedly violated by Nityananda, has given the green signal to initiate legal action against Nityananda, sources said. The ministry has also pressed for a CBI inquiry. and  written letters to the state home ministry and state additional chief secretary. The Central ministry has sought all documents by investigating agencies. It is said that the agencies are ready to arrest Nityananda after tracing him. The government has already issued blue corner notices against him. The agencies are confident that they will trace his location and initiate legal proceedings against him.

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