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  • inquirer

    July 24, 2020 at 12:12 am

    Why did we start Redpill.Land?

    Tired of FAKE news? Booted from Twitter? Banned from Facebook? Censored from Main stream media? Join and invite others – Silent Majority has a platform now !

    Every day Main stream media is banning more content not aligning with their agenda. Content is being censored and accounts are being banned from the arrogant FAKE news media. The fact checking sites are doing their own thing of fact checking content they don’t like, LOL. Who is checking the fact checkers?

    No one gets banned User’s can block if they cannot sustain your logic !

    Silent Majority

    That’s why @Redpill land there is no fact checking done by the administration.

    Write Anonymously (only your nickname is displayed) so your offended co-worker wont complain and get you fired !

    Speech is being policed and news is being censored more and more. @ we decided to campaign for freedom of speech and fight for truth in our own way. We want everyone to participate in this effort and share the benefits of Free Speech!

    The Rules of the Silent Majority

    Please suggest rules so we can vote. As more members join we can put any rule for revote. So here’s the first rule

    1. If more than 50% of the community wants to reconsider the existing rules, we can revote for the rule to stay or not.
    2. If users do not like content they can block that user and it wont be sown on their activity. SIMPLE piece of S**T!
    3. P.S: If the last word offended you, please accept our apologies. You can create a private group and invite your friends who speak the way you want. Welcome to !
  • beach_bummer

    August 2, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    I think you are trying to create discomfort to the sensitive crowd on purpose

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