Trump issues EO on Hong Kong Normalization and Twitter gets Hacked?

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The POTUS issues Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization July 14th 2020 and the next morning Twitter accounts of former President of the United States, Democratic presidential nominee, Elon Musk and Bill Gates get hacked on July 15th 2020 ! Seems like an extremely odd coincidence? well it is…

These accounts were protected by two factor authentication. Many facts point to an unproven theory that Twitter denies which raises the question

Is Twitter an inside Job?

Twitter reveals that its own employee tools contributed to unprecedented hack

Peter Thiel and many others have already warned us several times about the possible Chinese infiltration of Google. Chinese spies have already manipulated Facebook to the level of algorithms that the employees themselves are unaware of ! Many people have complained that the automatic review system rejects their post or Ad, while the manual review often passes through.

Chinese State has successfully censored almost all news regarding COVID-19 pandemic and successfully managed to hijack the World Health Organization as their mouth piece.

Trump halted funds for WHO that has now revealed itself as of no use to USA or for the rest of the world for that matter and got engulfed in an extended battle with the Silicon valley bully of free speech, Twitter.

All events so far led us to believe a direct hand of Chinese deep state in the Twitter infamous hacking scandal.

May users are still locked out and many tweets are still being put down by Twitter, proving Trump’s concern of the thread against free speech by the Tech media giants censoring specific content from particular ideology and demographics in an openly partial way.

In the below video Tim Pool explains the timeline of events and insight into what’s coming next. It’s a rather interesting watch!

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